Manaslu Tsum velley

Overview Itinerary of Manaslu Tsum velley trek: The Tsum Valley, north...



Itinerary of Manaslu Tsum velley trek:

The Tsum Valley, north east of the Manaslu(mountain of the spirit) trail, was first opened to trekking in 2008. In the Manaslu region, the Tsumbas of the Tibetan origin, speak a unique dialect and still trade to the north. The valley is rich in ancient art, culture and religion.

Day1: Arrival in kathmandu

Day2: Preparing for trek and rest in Kathmandu

Day3:Kathmandu to Soti Khola (Drive){9hr} [700m]

Day3:Soti Khola to Maccha Khola [920 m]{6hrs}

Day4: Maccha Khola to Jagat[1350]{7hr}

Day5: Jagat to Lokpa[2240 m] {6hr}

Day6: Lokpa to Chumling[2386 m]{6hr}

Day7: Chumling to Chekampar [3031 m]{5hr}

Day8: Chekampar to Nile[3361 m]{5-6hrs}

Day9: Day Trip to Mu Gompa[ 3361 m]{5-6hr}

Day10: Nile to Chekampar[3330m}{6hr}

Day11: Chekampar to Chumling[3380]{6-7hr}

Day12: Chumling to Deng[1860]{7hr]

Day13: Deng to Namrung[2640]{8-9hr}

Day14: Namrung to Lho[3150]{4hr]

Day15: Lho to Sama Gaun[3550]{4hr}

Day16: Acclimatization Day in Sama Gaun{7hr}

Day17: Sama Gaun to Samdo[4450]{4hr}

Day18: Samdo to Dharmasala[4450]{4hr}

Day19: Dharmasala to Bimthang[5600]{9-10hr]

Day20: Bimthang to Tilije[2300]{6hrs}

Day21: Tilije to Tal[1700]{4hrs]

Day22: Tal to Kathmandu (Drive)[760m]{9hr}

Day23:1day rest in Kathmandu