Cho Oyu Normal Route

Mount Cho Oyu is the sixth highest peak in the world. It's just a mountain over an altitude of 8000, which has such a good performance rate and is Located between Nepal and Tibet, it's just a mountain at an altitude of 8000, this glorious peak. It's climbed by many, due to its quick climb and low fatality. The better way to the  north from the north-west side of the lane. The Cho Oyu Expedition Tibet faces at an altitude of 8201 m, ascending to the Cho Oyu. It can't only be seen  as difficult, but it's clear to have a high mentality to...


Mount Cho Oyu is the sixth highest peak in the world. It’s just mountain over an altitude of 8000, which has such good performance rate and is Located between Nepal and Tibet, it’s just mountain at an altitude of 8000, this glorious peak. It’s climbed by many, due to its quick climb and low fatality. The better way to the  north from the north-west side of the lane. The Cho Oyu Expedition Tibet faces at an altitude of 8201 m, ascending to the Cho Oyu. It can’t only be seen 
as difficult, but it’s clear to have a high mentality to climb this mountain.
Climbing a rock can sometimes be hard than the mountain must be so before going to the summit we offer special training and knowledge to the climbers.
Our experience with the mountains and our ability to conquer logistical challenges, as well as having outstanding base 
camp food, adequate provisions and comfort make it possible to take the final and safest steps to the 8,201 summit.


Day 1: Arrive to Kathmandu

Day 2: Preparation for a trip and free time to Kathmandu

Day 3: Preparation for the trip and free time to Kathmandu

Day 4: Flight to Lhasa (3,650 meters)

Day5: Acclimatisation in Lhasa

Day6: acclimatization in Lhasa

Day 07: Drive Nyalam to Tingri4340meter-hotel

Day 08: Acclimatization/ day hiking uphill-hotel

Day 09: Drive Cho Oyu base camp 5000m.-camp

Day 10: Rest Cho Oyu base camp 5000 m.- camp

Day 11: Prepared load to yak for trek ABC- camp

Day 12: Base camp -Middle camp with yak-camp

Day 13: Middle.. – Cho Oyu A.B.C5700m.-camp

Day 14-35 Mt. Cho Oyu Climbing 8201m.period

Climbing the North West Face of Cho Oyu The real adventure starts

Day 36: Trek Cho Oyu ABC to - base camp- camp

Day 37: Drive from base camp to Zhangmu -hotel

Day38: Drive from Zhangmu to Kathmandu-hotel

Day39: Free day in kathmandu

You can rome around visit world heritage in kathmandu

Day40: Shoping/ Farewell Dinner

At night The Party/ Gathering will be throne by the office for summiting one of the highest peak in the world